Do Your Profits Reflect Your
Investment Of Work And Time?

Do You Have All The Information You
Need To Make Critical Decisions?

Is Your Business All You
Expected It To Be?
If you answered no to any of these, then
Carnesi Consulting may be right for you.

At Carnesi Consulting we believe your business should provide you the income and the quality of life you want. We work with businesses to sharpen internal systems, promote fiscal management, and improve communication. Our process draws on over twenty-five years’ worth of insight and expertise in business management and accounting and is rooted in thorough examination, collaborative problem solving, and a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to achieving results.
Keep in mind we do this with you, not just for you. We are involved, we are proactive, and our work is based on relationships of trust and genuine commitment to improvement. Will you commit the time and work necessary to accomplish your goals? Are you willing to be held accountable for implementation?

Carnesi Consulting will help you make the positive and necessary changes that you want to make. We will help you transform your company from ordinary to extraordinary. For those companies we are right for, we guarantee an increase in efficiency, productivity, and profit.
Your Success is Our Success


Investigation and Research:
We initiate a process of discovery with key personnel.

Throughout this process, Carnesi Consulting will not interrupt the flow of daily business

Thorough study of the company’s operation, administration, reporting system, and metrics.

Top-to-bottom observation of day-to-day procedures.

In-depth interviews with ownership, management, and employees.

Comparison to direct competition in order to evaluate the business in context of industry benchmarks.

Identifying Problems and
Envisioning Solutions:

We facilitate a refining of your goals and an exploration of strategies to better achieve them.

Your business is the vehicle to your goals and dreams – let’s get it tuned for optimal performance.

Thorough evaluation of current processes, procedures, systems, and routines.

Clarification of priorities.

All potential routes to improvement are considered.

Customized recommendations are formulated.

Monitoring Your Success:
We help you develop your road map to success.

Remember, there is no management without monitoring!

Establishment of long-term goals.

We help you create a strategy, corresponding budget and reporting system for each profit center of the business.

Your financial reporting system will now be your company “report card” You will see the impact of the changes you make as they occur. This will be the most important decision making tool you will ever have

We provide the step-by-step support you need to translate your dream into reality.

Change takes time! We fit into the way you do business and not the other way around.

We help you develop procedures and programs customized to your business’s operating and administrative structure.

We take the time to train and teach company employees new responsibilities and procedures.

We ensure you increase your operating profit, and we help you become the lowest cost producer in the market place.


“Tony is the best investment I ever
made in my business.”

Satisfied Client

Case Study 1

We were hired to review the entire operating and administration processes of the business.
We identified the areas that required improvement and recommended new procedures.
We helped management realign priorities and incorporate improvements.

Over the next three years we supervised implementation of the following:

Controls to streamline the manufacturing process.
Improvements in communication between the manufacturing floor and the customer service staff.
Employee training programs, progress reviews, and incentives.
Improved reporting systems, allowing management to assess the impact of decisions on company profits.
Home Services Company
Case Study 1

We were hired to help the retirement-minded business owner improve profitability and efficiency and to help him increase the sales price of his company.
After initial reviews we found the existing reporting system useless.
We turned the accounting department from a library (a source of historical data) to a useful, proactive tool to fix this business.
We initiated a separation of revenue streams.
We established systems to allow access to new, accurate, and current information for improved decision-making.

Gross margins increased substantially.

The company’s inclusion in Inc Magazines list of Fastest Growing Companies.

Continuation of the company’s reputation as the finest in its industry.

Change in company culture from one of employee entitlement to one based on goal-achievement and improving skills.


Excess fixed and variable costs trimmed almost immediately.

Improved pricing.

Jobs managed more efficiently.

Profit margins increased dramatically across the board.

The value of the business increased by 35% in just over two years.

The owner sold the business and retired with significantly more dollars in his pocket.



Anthony Carnesi’s interest in good business practice began when he was young and his father, a Corporate Officer of a publicly held company, would give him Saturday morning tours of the factory and explain the business’s operation.

After graduating from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, Tony became a CPA and worked for sixteen years in public accounting firms, where he managed audits and tax engagements for a wide range of businesses. Then, motivated by the conviction that accounting should be used as a tool for positive change, Tony launched his own consulting and accounting service firm.

For over a decade now Tony has been helping business owners and shareholders implement business management practices that allow them to maximize their profits and their quality of life. His approach is characterized by empathy, thoroughness, and straightforward honesty – a combination that ensures a productive relationship with his clients.

Tony is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has appeared recently on Fox Business News, Good Day NY, and in the New York Times and Crains NY. He is an Eagle Scout, and moonlights as a wicked fine guitarist…


In addition to extensive consulting engagements,
we offer specific services focused on the areas
where you choose to concentrate.